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Columbus Escape Room
Crime Scene Investigator

Columbus Escape RoomColumbus Escape Room

Maximum of 8 players
60 Minutes

Level of Difficulty  - Easy
See FAQs for Dificulty Levels

Mysteries surrounding the murder of a renowned journalist have left investigators puzzled. Your specialized team of crime scene investigators has been called in to analyze the crime scene. Do you have what it takes to solve this murder, find the motive, and the killer, you and your team of investigators will have 60 minutes to unravel clues, collect evidence, solve puzzles and close the case for good.

Columbus Escape Room
Haunted Prison Escape

Columbus Escape RoomColumbus Escape Room

Maximum of 8 players
60 Minutes

Level of Difficulty  - Moderate
See FAQs for Dificulty Levels

You and your friends thought you were just going to explore an old ghost town not realizing the trouble you waiting for you. As you explore the old prison in town you begin to realize you are not alone. As your fears grow stronger suddenly the door to the room you are in slams shut and locks you in. All you hear is a sinister laugh that seems to echo from everywhere. Is it the ghosts of former inmates or a deranged lunatic who locked you in? One thing is for sure you must escape and soon!

Columbus Escape Room
Mayan Temple of Knowledge

Columbus Escape RoomColumbus Escape Room

Maximum of 8 players

Level of Difficulty  - High
See FAQs for Dificulty Levels

You and your team of archeologists have just discovered a new Mayan Temple.  The problem is it is still inhabited by the Mayan God of Wisdom.  He has trapped you in and will only let you back out into the world if you can prove you are worthy to carry the knowledge you learn from the temple.  Traverse through the puzzles in this temple and escape your way to freedom with all the secrets of the ancient Mayan world.
Columbus Escape Room

Columbus Escape Room
Mobile Escape Room

Columbus Escape RoomColumbus Escape Room
Maximum of 6 players

Level of Difficulty  - Varied
See FAQs for Dificulty Levels

Our traveling Escape room coming to a place near you.  We can bring our room to your location or come find us at local events such as county fairs and festivals.  We bring you all the fun of an escape room to the great outdoors. 

Need a corporate event but can't travel.  Let us come to you.  We can bring a challenging teambuilding scenario direct to your office.

Columbus Escape Room
Custom Made For You

Columbus Escape RoomColumbus Escape Room
Maximum of 6 players

Level of Difficulty  - Your Choice
See FAQs for Dificulty Levels

Do you have a special event and want to impress your guests.  With enough time an preparation we can prepare, build and operate and escape room or live mystery that is custom built to your request or party theme.  Contact us for a free quote today.

Lockology is an action packed experience for small groups to work together and get to know each other better. Fantastic for families as it is a great way to get out of the house and have an adventure together. It also comes in handy for the perfect date night as you will understand how each person works under pressure in a fun environment. So bring your friends and family or date for an unforgettable memory.

Time to make team building exercises FUN and engaging. We cater specifically to corporate clients and start-up’s alike for helping teams work better together. We give debriefs to the team and suggest that most teams do two different rooms so they have a chance to work together again in a new setting and improve communication to solve the puzzles and escape quicker.

Just because you can beat the game on the computer it doesn’t mean you can beat the game in real life. Bring your friends and test yourself to see how quickly you can solve the rooms. For the Mensa folks out there, solving puzzles on paper doesn’t translate to IQ in the escape room. So rise to the challenge and bring yourself to the escape rooms if you dare.

If you’re bored and looking for some of the best things that Columbus has to offer an escape room is a MUST. A completely different type of activity we test your skills and teamwork to bring you an unforgettable experience. Tripadvisor has ranked our game as one of the top in Columbus.

What Is This?
Lockology Columbus Escape Room Is An Escape Room Entertainment Venue. In The Experience You Will Be Locked Inside For A Designated Amount Of Time While You And Your Team Try To Figure Out How To Solve The Room. The Room Contain Clues, Trap Doors, Locks, Safes And Hidden Items. Anything That’s Not Glued Or Bolted Down Can Be Moved And May Be An Integral Piece In Your Ability To Solve This Game.

What Is The Cost?
The price is $25 per person Monday - Thursday and $30 per person on Friday - Sunday

Can We Go Over The Maximum Capacity Of A Room?
Absolutely not.  Both for safety and integrity of the game we can not exceed maximum capacity.

Is This A Haunted House?
No, Lockology Columbus Escape Room Is An Escape Game And Is Very Different Than A Haunted House. You Will Enter The Room With The Rest Of Your Team, And Then Be Given A Set Amount Of Time To Solve The Puzzles Inside And Escape. You’ll Directly Interact With Many Aspects Of The Environment Inside, Touching Things, Moving Things, And Opening Things. There Are No Lines To Follow Or Set Paths To Traverse, Just A Space Full Of Clues, Items, And Puzzles.

Is This Scary?
While We Aim Not To Scare Anyone There Is A Backstory Which May Be Scary In Nature, But We Wouldn’t Classify This As A "Scary" Experience.

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Game?
You Have 60 Minutes To Solve The Room

Are There Age Restrictions To Attend?
Themminimum age for a private group is 12 years old and 15 years old for non-private groups.  All minors must have a waiver signed in avdance by a parent or legal guardian.

How Long Before My Scheduled Time Do I Need To Arrive?
We Ask That You Arrive At Least 15 Minutes Prior To Your Scheduled Ticket Time In Order To Fill-out Paperwork And Listen To Our Tips And Safety Speech. Do Not Be Late, If You Arrive Late Your Tickets Will Not Be Refunded Or Rescheduled.

If I’m Late, Can I Still Play?
If You Arrive After We Have Started The Game (The Time Slot You Have Booked), We Cannot Allow You Inside. This Would Disrupt The Game For The Other Participating Players And Negatively Affect The Schedule For The Rest Of The Shows. If We Have Additional Opening The Same Day We Will Try To Squeeze You In. Please Account For Traffic, And Map Us Out Beforehand So There Are No Surprises.

I Need To Reschedule My Reservation!
If You Need To Reschedule, You Must Contact Us At Least 2 Days (48 Hours) Before Your Reservation. If You Contact Us After This Period, Or If Your Booking Was Created Within This Period, We Will Not Guarantee We Will Be Able To Reschedule Your Booking. Please Be Aware Of This Before Booking Your Reservation With Us.  Any time rescheduled within 48 hours of the reservation time will be charged a $10 fee per person.

I Would Like To Cancel My Reservation For A Refund.
We Have A Strict No Cancellation/no Refund Policy. All Sales Are Final And Nonrefundable Regardless Of Whether You Show Up For Your Reservation. Please Be Aware Of This Before Booking Your Reservation With Us.  Refund are only provided if we cancel your event due to inclement weather.

How Many People Can Play At Once?
Crime Scene Investigator - 8 people
Haunted Prison - 8 people

What If I Have A Group Larger Than The Maximum Occupancy Of The Room?
In This Case Management May Make Rare Exceptions, But We Strongly Advise Against It As The Games And The Rooms Were Designed According To The Set Capacity.

What Is An Escape Room / Escape Game?
The Escape Game Genre Started Out As A Series Of Point-and-click Computer Games Where Players Must Escape From A Locked Area By Using The Environment Around Him/her. Lockology Columbus Is A Live Version Of This, Where You Must Physically Search The Environment For Items And Clues That Will Help You Escape. You Are Given A Set Amount Of Time To Try And Escape Before Your Fate Is Sealed.

Will I Actually Be Locked In The Room?
The Room Will Be Locked With A Code To Exit. We Are Always On The Opposite Side Of The Door And There Is Always An Emergency Way To Exit In Place At All Times. Your Safety Will Never Be At Risk And Can Exit Anytime. However Exiting The Room Early Will End The Game For All Involved.

Are There Actors In The Rooms And Will They Touch Me? Can I Touch Them?
We Currently Do Not Use Any Actors

Do I Have To Book Online Or Can I Pay Cash When I Get There?
We Generally Only Take Bookings Through Our Online Booking Platform. However, If Cash Is You’re Only Option, We Can Accept Full Payment In Advance In Order To Secure Your Ticket Time. Please Fill Out The Form On The Contact Us Page.

My Business Does Company Gatherings, Do You Offer Team Building Exercises For Company Outings?
We Do Offer Team Building Services, And We’ve Had Some Very Large Corporations Come And Benefit From The Experience. Not Only Will It Be Unparalleled With Respects To Adrenaline Pumping Fun, It Is Also A Valuable Experience For Comradery With Coworkers, And An Insightful Observation Of Your Team’s Strengths. Click Here For More Information.

I Want To Have A Private Room For My Friends Only, But We Don’t Fill Up All The Slots, Is This Doable?
The Only Way To Get The Room Privately Is To Purchase All The Tickets Available For The Experience Of Your Choosing. Otherwise Anyone Can Buy The Remaining Tickets, Which Is Usually The Case. Additional Advice Is To Book It In Advance, Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute. Also There Is No Discount For Buying All The Tickets.

Is It Possible To Book A Show Time Outside Of The Current Schedule?
Absolutely, email us at info@lockdowncolumbus.com to arrange out of hours time.  Keep in mind unless you book the room to capacity your event may not be private

I Got A Gift Voucher As A Present, How Do I Redeem It?
Email us at info@lockdowncolumbus.com with the date and time your would like to attend along with your voucher number

I Purchased Tickets For Next Thursday Night, But I Need To Reschedule To A Later Date, How Do I Do That?
Fill Out The Contact Form On The Contact Us Page And Will Will Do What We Can To Reschedule You At A Better Time.

Do You Guys Sell Gift Certificates That I Can Gift To A Friend?
Yes We Do.

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