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Crime Scene Investigator
At, Powell Ohio

Mysteries surrounding the murder of a journalist have left investigators puzzled. Your team of crime scene investigators have been called in to analyze the crime scene. Your goal; search for evidence and collect clues Do you have what it takes to solve this murder, find the motive, and the killer?

Pharaoh’s Tomb
At Powell, Ohio

You and your team of up to 12 players have been sent to Egypt to recover the stolen Emeralds in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. The ancient Pyramid is filled with secrets as you and your team explore with lanterns and flashlights in the dark! You must find the stolen gems and escape the tomb before the curse of the pharaohs begins in one hour.

Edison’s Secret Lab
At Powell, Ohio

Edison was well known for his brilliance and his inventions, but most did not know know his secrets. You have just discovered his secret laboratory where he conducted secret experiments. As you explore you accidentally set off a trap that lock you in the lab. Now you must learn the technology Edison created and use it to escape.

At Powell, Ohio

King Arthur’s and Mordred’s forces race not only against the clock but each other to rule the Kingdom. Will your team of up to 10 players be fortunate enough to have Merlin on their side? Only time will tell in this dueling escape room. Come and see for yourself if you have what it takes and pull the sword out of the stone to win the game. Can you rule Excalibur?

Area 51
At Powell, Ohio
Min – 4 People

Area 51 has just been overrun by aliens. They have transported half of your team to the mother ship. Before they take off to the far reaches of the galaxy you must save your team. Once you establish communications with them you can work together. Hurry we estimate you have one hour before the mother ship leaves Earth forever. An out of this world encounter.

The Mayan Temple 
Columbus Location

You and your team  just discovered the lost Mayan Temple of Knowledge. Suddenly a voice echoes through the temple as the entrance closes behind you. It’s the Mayan God of Knowledge and he will only release you back to the world when you have proven your worthiness.

Haunted Prison
Columbus Location

You thought you were just going to explore an old ghost town not realizing the trouble you had waiting for you. As you explore the old prison in town you begin to realize you are not alone. As your fears grow stronger suddenly the door to the room you are in slams shut and locks you in.

Murder Mystery Dinner 
Columbus Location

A Murder Mystery Dinner combines the fun of a dinner event with the challenging aspect of solving puzzles. Every event is unique! Play a the role of a detective or play the role of a character. There is no other event like this! Join us for the most amazing time you will every have over dinner!

Discover the most unique experience in the city.  Not just a game but a social experience. 

Join us for a night of fun, mystery and mayhem.  

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