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Rules and Regulations


Official Rules and Regulations

  • Registered participants must be 18 years old or older.
  • All registration sales are final. No refunds, regardless of weather, app glitches/bugs or anything else. Rules subject to change with updates to website. Stay on top of things.
  • Teams and Alliances must Register through the Treasure Hunt Dashboard
  • Rule any regulations are subject to change.
  • No one will be provided additional hints beyond the original clues released on the website.
    • We verify waypoints randomly, but you may request that waypoints be verified.  Upon receipt of a verification we will inspect the location within 24 to 48 hours to ensure the way point has not been removed.

Way Points and Reporting

  • A Way Point is a location and object that the clues on the Treasure Hunt Dashboard point to.
  • A specific item will be found at each way point that will give you information to the final clue.
    • Wooden plaque, red pad lock, or a cache box
  • Waypoints will be released at random times and days throught each month.
  • All waypoints in each month will be enough to find the final destination.
  • At the end of each month the final destination will move if not found and additional waypoints will be added.
  • The final destination will not move more than 3 times.
  • There will be no hints provided beyone what is posted in the dashboard.
  • Teams must report found way points by taking a photo of the pf the way point and uploading it through the Treasure Hunt Dashboard.
  • We will update the Treasure Hunt Dashboard with how many teams have located each waypoint but will not announce which team found it.
  • For a team to receive prize winnings they must upload a picture of every way point found.
  • Teams will receive an email from us within 24 hours confirming we received their upload.  If you do not receive this email you should attempt the upload again or email the photo to us.


  • A Team is any 2 or more people.
  • The person who purchases the membership is the Team Leader.
  • Team Leaders must register their teams through the Treasure Hunt Dashboard.
  • Once a team is registered members may not be added from that point on.
  • Official Team members must be 18 years old or older.
  • Only official team members will receive a payout from the prize if found.


  • An alliance is any Paid Member (Solo or Team) joining up with another Paid Member
  • Alliances may be of any size of paid members.
  • Alliances must register on the Treasure Hunt Dashboard
  • Payout for Alliances will be split equally to each team in the alliance.


  • All Applicable tax laws which apply to the reporting of prize money will apply.
  • Depending on the amount of the prize federal income tax may be withheld.
  • Payouts will be made to the Team Leader for team distribution.
  • All Team participants must be present for the payout and fill out appropriate IRS forms.


  • Any Team or Paid Member may be disqualified, without refund, for any of the following reasons
    • Operating as a team without registering your team.
    • Breaking any laws
      • Any teams found by us to be breaking laws but not caught by law enforcement will be reported to authorities.
    • Trespassing on private property
    • Tampering with any clue or waypoint
    • Interfering with any Paid Member, Team or Alliance


  • Cancellations may be requested at anytime by emailing

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