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A Great Escape from Boredom for Family and Friends

Sometimes it can be hard for the family and friends to try and do something fun together. Parents plop in front of the TV, kids are glued to their tablets. Or you go out with your friends, but everyone’s texting away on their phones. And sure, you’re all hanging out, but don’t you wish you…
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Lockology, An Escape From Your Couch

Lockology Escape Rooms offers exactly the solution to the social media zombie craze that your family needs! You’ll have to work together to find and examine clues in order to complete such disparate tasks as solving a ‘murder’ or simply escaping from a room into which you’ve all been locked.

Tips for Spending Real Quality Time with Family

Are you tired of the lack of real, meaningful, and worthwhile conversation with your family? Are you tired of looking up from your computer and seeing your entire family in the room with you but no real connecting is going on because everyone is devoted to some kind of screen? TV, Kindle, iPhone, Fitbit, LeapPad, the…
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4 Ways Escape Rooms Bring Families Together

With busy schedules and more entertainment options than ever before, finding an activity that will bring families together in a focused, meaningful way can be a challenge. Escape rooms are a natural extension of the classic family game night but with some advantages over a traditional board game. Escape Rooms Require Full Attention  In a…
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Why Do an Escape Room with Your Friends and Family

Escape rooms are popping up all over the country and their popularity is growing. They offer fun and excitement for everyone who participates and are a great activity for groups of families and friends. If you are tired of the usual dinners, movies and game nights, why not try something new with an escape room?…
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Why an Escape Room is a Fun Family Activity

Every family is always seeking something new and exciting to do together. With that said, how about considering an escape room for your next fun family activity? Never heard of it? Well, here’s the skinny on this hot trend for friends and family… What is an Escape Room? You can look at it as a…
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Looking for something exciting? Look no further than an Escape Room

Looking for something novel to do on your second date? Want to impress a friend that is coming to town for the first time in years? Or even just trying to find the perfect thing to bring the family together again? An escape room is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Each…
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