Columbus, Ohio 43220

The Great Columbus Treasure Hunt

First Clue Arrives 5/8/20
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What is The Great Columbus Treasure Hunt?

The Great Columbus Treasure Hunt is a challenging hunt for real treasure in Columbus.  We are starting out the treasure pot with $500.  A portion of each new membership payment adds to the total in the pot, as well as our own monthly contribution.

This is not an easy treasure hunt though.  You will be challenged on your knowledge of what is in and around Columbus.  This treasure hunt will have the thrill of a scavenger hunt with the winner being heavily rewarded.  

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How to Hunt

1)  Clues will be released on the member only section of the website on specific dates and times.

2)  Clues may need to be researched, deciphered, or translated.

3)   You will visit locations in which you feel you may find the most clues.

4)  At each location you will look for either a hidden item which will be either an engraved plaque, a red padlock, or a cache box.

5)  The final waypoint will have a key and instructions on where to find your treasure.

What is Allowed

1)  You may do this solo or with a team. No extra charge for teams.

2)  You or your team may form alliances between teams.

3)  You may use the internet to do research.

*Full Rules and regulations provided after checkout.

What is not allowed

1)  Breaking laws.

2)  Digging! Nothing is buried.

3)  Trespassing on private property. 

4)  Stealing, moving, or hiding any of the waypoints

*Full Rules and regulations provided after checkout.


1)  You sign up for your treasure hunt membership below.

2)  You receive a link to register for the hunt’s secret webpage.

3)  You go to the secret website on specific dates and times to receive clues that will lead you on your journey.

4)  Share your experience or collaborate with others on the hunt’s Facebook page.

5)  For each month that goes by without a treasure being found, additional steps will be added to assist in the journey.

6)  Once the treasure has been found, a new hunt will begin within 2 weeks with new locations and a new $500 starting pot.

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Membership Fee

$24.99 auto-renewing 30 day membership

One-Time Team Registration fee of $24.99 per team member.


Central Ohio (mainly Columbus and surrounding suburbs)

Team Pricing

One Time registration fee of $25 per team member.  Paid when registering your team on the Treasure Hunt Dashboard.

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$20 Tickets: CODE: $20Tickets